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I'm not sure what the problem is here, but something I've got in the Broken Earth file isn't working quite right.

There is a racial "ability" for Simians called "Less Educated" which blocks access to some skills, bootstraps Illiterate and such. I have an Edge called "Educated Simian" which is supposed to be going back and deleting that ability. When taking it the Illiterate is going away, but the Less Educated "ability" is still showing, and its still blocking the skills.

This is the Edge:

<thing id="edgEducSim" name="Educated Simian" description="A Simian with this Edge is not Illiterate nor limited in the skills they may take." compset="Edge" summary="An educated Simian">
    <fieldval field="shortname" value="Educ Simian"/>
    <usesource source="BrEarth"/>
    <tag group="EdgeType" tag="Background"/>
    <tag group="MinRank" tag="0"/>
    <tag group="User" tag="EducSim"/>
    <eval phase="Initialize" priority="7500">doneif (field[abilActive].value = 0)
perform hero.delete[User.LessEdu]</eval>
    <pickreq thing="racSimian"/>
And just in case knowing about the racial ability is needed, this is it:

thing id="rpLessEdu" name="Less Educated" description="Simian communities are superstitious of ‚€œmodern‚€Ě or ‚€œfuturistic‚€Ě technology, and traditionally don‚€™t teach technology to their young. Simians begin with the Illiterate Hindrance, and cannot take the following skills at  the  time  of  character  creation:  Driving,  Lockpicking, Knowledge  (Computers,  Electronics,  Science,  and  the like), Piloting, Repair. Simians, can buy this off with two character creation points, or as an Advance." compset="RacialProp" summary="Technology averse">
    <fieldval field="raceCstVal" value="-2"/>
    <usesource source="BrEarth"/>
    <tag group="DomainTerm" tag="Race" name="Race" abbrev="Race"/>
    <tag group="User" tag="LessEdu" name="LessEdu" abbrev="LessEdu"/>
    <bootstrap thing="hinIllit">
      <containerreq phase="Initialize" priority="8000">hero#User.LessEdu</containerreq>
Any idea why this isn't working right? Something timing-wise, or...? I'm particularly puzzled about it working for removing the Illiterate, but still showing and functioning to block skills; I'd have thought it'd either fail at both or succeed at both.

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