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On a more general point, would it be better for units that use remainders then to have them set as an automatic option that is preselected?

I can't think of any units where the count of the weaponry that is currently shown by remainder links is essential as I am sure the user will be able to figure out that from a unit of 10 guardsmen with two special weapons, the other 8 have lasguns?

If the remainder is essential, i.e. it becomes something along the lines of a unit with 5 members and the various weapon options can remove all the lasguns (as an example) then possibly a live statement for the lasguns that counts the usage of the exclusions or a private unit stat to control it's live state, i.e. when the unit selects two meltaguns, two sniper rifles and a bolter the private stat count reads zero and the lasguns are no longer displayed?
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