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Actually, the spelling "whinging" is considered the "proper" spelling in various areas around the globe. In the States, the 'g' is omitted, but in other regions it's correct. Since this is a global community, different spellings will be encountered, and we all need to recognize and accept those differences.

I realize that you were attacked on this forum, so I'm going to cut you some slack. However, responding in kind on silly things like spelling and the use of foul acronyms is normally sufficient grounds to get at least temporarily banned from the forums. Please take a few minutes to cool down and wait before hitting the Send button on your posts.

Please also note that your original post about the data files was very accusatory, and that will often elicit an attack in response. That was yet another situation where pausing a few minutes before hitting Send would have greatly benefitted everyone on this forum. Your concerns could have been voiced equally well with less accusatory language.

Here's hoping that the tone of posts returns to their usual congenial nature.....


At 07:56 AM 1/22/2006, you wrote:
And WTF is Whinging? spelling is your friend...
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