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You might want to redirect your disappointment at GW. The reason that there are no data files for Mordheim is that GW has expressly forbidden us from directly involving ourselves in the writing of data files for their games. This forces us to rely on users for data files for GW games, regardless of whether we like that arrangement.

We make a demo version of AB readily available on our website so that users can take it for a test drive and verify that it meets their needs. This includes full access to all the available data files, since the criteria for many users centers on whether data files are available for game X.

The online ordering process includes a prominent reminder to users to verify the product and data file availability before purchase. Unfortunately, some users blaze right through the online ordering process without reading the material presented, even if it has the word "IMPORTANT!" in all caps and bright yellow text preceeding it. :-( If you have suggestions on how we can make this clearer, I'd love to hear them.

If you only play Mordheim, then AB3 won't be of any use for you right now. That's regrettable, but it's not something we have any control over due to GW's current stance on the issue. If you don't play other games, the only option available is for us to refund your purchase and disable your license. To have us do that, please send an email to requesting this. Be sure to include a brief explanation, the name used in the purchase, and the original order number (from the receipt email you received). We can then take of things from this end.


At 09:37 AM 1/18/2006, you wrote:

Sadly disappointed in V3.

I had an unregistered version of V2.x and it was complete and functional for Mordheim but I wanted to support this company with my purchase so went with the upgrade and now I find that Mordheim files are MIA???

Why is this company relying on the users to write code for them?
What did i just pay $40 for?
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