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A couple of small bugs I noticed when building my Slaaneh Deamonic Legion list.

When I upgrade a deamonette unit to have the unholy icon it still lists the unit champion as having a 5+ ward save instead of the 4+.

The Mounted Deamonettes are supposed to get a 6+ armor save for being mounted just like the Pleasure Seekers do. This was listed in the SOC FAQ.

Furies should have LD 7 (instead of 6) as per the SOC special upgrade to deamonic leadership.

It lists the Deamonic Herald of Slaanesh as having US of 2. I thought all characters on foot were just US 1.

Chariots of Slaanesh don't have the 5+ ward save listed.

Pleasure Seekers are listed as US of 2 when they should be US 3.

Deamonettes are listed as having iniative 4 when it should be 5. The Mounted Deamonettes and the Chariot Crew have the correct values.

Thats all I noticed...
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