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for those of you that already have the program, please share your input as to this application.

more than a standard role-playing game I like to dm player characters that have a lot of background and depth. I will create a map of the village or town there from and write little stories about several of their key relationships, they have with these people. These obviously become the NPC's that the party interacts with throughout the campaign, and in some point the party will be back in an area of the country that there very familiar with so that they become the leader of the party.during that part of the campaign. then every fifth level ideally one-on-one session with each character where they have a series of adventures and meaningful relationship encounters that sets up the background stories for the next five levels of play.

My question then is can I build from Realm Works individual player memory database, in other words this would contain all the information that particular player has in its memory. this way they can easily search through their memory for actual names of people or a references in some ancient scroll a read it would all be right there in front of them, and then if necessary the DM could drop something in their memory that previously had not been there.

As opposed to pages and pages of notes this could be all linked together with the hypertext. So this is possible ?
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