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There's currently no support for recognizing hexes (or any other shape) on a map - it's just a graphic. There is fog of world, and you remove it with a brush tool of adjustable size - so if the hexes are drawn on the map then it will be easy for you to "rough in" the reveals, and then go back and clean up as much as desired between sessions. Since Realm Works supports dual monitors you can have a second monitor showing the players the map as you reveal the hexes they explore.

What Realm Works will allow you to do is create topics for every location and encounter, and then pin them to your map. These pins are not visible to the players by default, so when they enter a new hex, they see whatever is drawn on the map, and you see a collection of pins which link directly to the relevant information. Realm Works also supports multiple tabs, so you can keep the map open for your reference even while you're opening tabs showing the encounters and other details you need for running the next part of the campaign.
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