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I skimmed the other iPad App threads, and didn't see this asked/addressed:


First, is there a way to add or remove items, such as potions, scrolls, and other consumables? It looks like I can set the "Available" value for these items, but I'd rather be able to delete them, and add new ones.

Second, is there a way to email my portrait file back? Or do I have to connect my iPad to a computer running iTunes to get the POR file off?


I'd really love a landscape view of the character sheet!

Please add the Home Page "dock buttons" to all the "pages" of the character sheet. It'd be nice to navigate between sub-pages without having to return to the "home page".

Is it possible to interface with SkyDrive app? I wouldn't need to transfer my character sheet between computer/iPad if the app could read/write to SkyDrive. SkyDrive is free, and pretty much everyone who has Hero Lab is running Windows.
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