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Two exciting additions this month! They say war is politics by other means, and the political situation seems set to heat up as the War for the Crown adventure path kicks off in "Crownfall". In the struggle for Taldor's throne, who will your PC support? Then again, others claim wisdom is found in the grape, and if you're of that persuasion check out Inner Sea Taverns for several fascinating drinking establishments! Forget politics and get drunk, at least until the Barbarian mouths off about this or that politician and starts a bar brawl.

Campaign Setting #19 (with Inner Sea Taverns!)
War for the Crown Encounter Library

New Releases
  • Inner Sea Taverns is now available as part of our Pathfinder Campaign Setting #19 package!
  • Crownfall, Chapter 1 of the War for the Crown AP is now available as the first chapter in our latest Encounter Library!
  • Added the Gentleman class from Old Spice, as a free release available to all!

Enhancements &amp Changes
  • The Concordance faction and its associated traits have been added for Pathfinder Society play.

Bug fixes
  • The Quick Draw feat was not adding its combat trick.
  • The Mind Sword archetype's Mind Arsenal ability was basing its uses/day on Intelligence, not Charisma.
  • Otyughs were not getting the +2 to CMD vs. trip for having three legs.
  • Unchained barbarians did not have access to the Celestial Totem rage power.
  • Shifters were not counting as druids for feat and custom special pre-requisites.
  • The Dragon Shaman and Saurian Shaman were not flagged as replacing A Thousand Faces.
  • The cheetah's sprint spell was misnamed cheetah's spirit.
  • The Twilight Talon class was not adding Disguise as a class skill.
  • The Royal class was not adding Handle Animal as a class skill.
  • The Animal Exemplar ability was not adding Handle Animal as a class skill.
  • The Sangudaemon race was not adding Knowledge (arcana) as a class skill.
  • The Oaur-Ooung (Qlippoth Lord) race was not adding Knowledge (geography) as a class skill.
  • Polymorphing into a race was not correctly updating the speed for your new form.
  • The manticore's Survival bonus when tracking was not appearing as a situational bonus.
  • The Feyspeaker's Fey Speech ability was not granting Sylvan as a bonus language.
  • The Skinwalker's Change Shape was still imposing situational penalties to Charisma skills and ability checks when activated, even though that drawback was not included in the reprint of the race from Inner Sea Races.
  • The Prestidigitation SLA from the Gnome's Utilitarian ART was being replaced when too low Charisma instead of too low Intelligence under certain circumstances.
  • The Driven By Guilt trait's activation was not applying the correct bonuses.
  • The Teisatsu Vigilante archetype was not granting the sub-abilities associated with the Ninja's Ki pool (for example, the Ki stealth ability).
  • The Lightfingers spell was not showing a DC.
  • The Vexing Trickster Mesmerist archetype was replacing the secondary abilities when it should not have.
  • When Uncanny Dodge upgrades to Improved Uncanny Dodge, the description was not updating appropriately.
  • The Air domain was, in some cases, applying its Immunity to Electricity too early.
  • For a Shifter's Aspects, if any Major form was active, all other Major forms were showing their effects if that form had a minor form active.
  • Spirit Talker's text hadn't been updated to the new errata.
  • Shifters weren't counting as druids for pre-requisites.
  • Communal water walk was listed as a 2nd-level spell.
  • The Lion Blade PrC (Inner Sea Intrigue version) was only requiring a single rank for its Disguise and Stealth pre-requisites.
  • The Lion Blade PrC (Inner Sea Intrigue version) was not adding its levels to bardic performance effective level.
  • Kineticist abilities were displaying a modified burn cost before being added to the hero.
  • A revolver did not have the metal equipment tag.
  • Martial Focus couldn't be applied to tribal weapons.
  • The Necroccultist's Necromantic bond ability was applying its bonus at first level.
  • The Channeler of the Unknown archetype was not reducing the number of domains to 1 and requiring a certain selection there.
  • The Channeler of the Unknown archetype was not marking channel energy as modified.
  • Ex-Member archetypes were warning they needed to be added at 1st level, even though they are applied immediately when you lose access to the old class features, which may happen at any level.
  • The shifter's defensive instinct ability was not applying a reduced bonus when in non-metal armor.

Data File Authoring
  • Added the SpecGroup.Laser tag and applied it to a number of weapons. This is used for the Gentleman class' weapon proficiencies.
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