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Currently it appears that the output formats for the printing page are hardcoded into the ArmyBuilder app itself.

Would it be possible to make these configurable? Either by querying the printing forms from Windows, or allowing a User preference file or UI option.

I'd very much like to be able to output printed pages that were not the standard legal/letter/a4 size. In particular, I'd personally like both Quarto size (8.5x5.5, ie half sheet, for giving to my opponents at tourneys) and a custom 3.5x4.5 (which would fit the screen of my mobile reader device and let me carry around dozens of lists for quick reference).

I can kinda-sorta get what I want by outputting to PDF and then rescaling that, but it would be much easier to not have to do multiple extra steps for each list I want to output.

The other related option I'd love to see is the ability to have several printing profiles, where all the options like the font sizes were tied to the profile, so that I could quickly switch between outputting for different purposes. One copy for my records, one copy to put on my mobile, and a couple copies for my opponents, all with different font sizes and paper sizes.

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