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The recurring fee is to maintain the service. Pay for the power to keep the servers on and the air-conditioning in the DC, pay for space required to maintain the data requirements as everyone needs to store their data on the service also. Pay for the retention service that id wager they have in place. Pay for the floor space in what ever data center they are using.

In my last role I was an IT Infrastructure PM and this stuff is not generally cheap and it's certainly ongoing.

So if you break the cost down.

The $$ to purchase the content covers the license fee that LWD pay back to the content owner. It covers the time and effort for the LWD employee to do the data entry.

The $$ for the ongoing subscription covers everything above and the support for the tool.

This is the cost of accessibility. The cost of going online. The cost of supporting as many platforms as possible with the least resourcing requirements.

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