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Originally Posted by Hollis View Post
There should be a table under the spell adjustments table titled 'Baleful Polymorph Forms.' You need to add the form appropriate for the level of the spell there.

If you're not seeing the table, let us know.
I found the table you are referring to under the 'Adventuring' tab, temporary adjustments, and was able to select the first level version of the spell, then toggle on 'Configure' which then does effect the character 'Play' tab. Thank you for pointing that out

That table, and subsequent option, however is absent from the play tab. Further selecting Baleful Polymorph under spell adjustments is still non functional as all that appears to matter is the form. In other words, having the form 'Configure' selected bypasses the spell adjustment selection entirely and toggling off the spell adjustment still shows the penalties from the spell so long as the form is toggled on. I can clarify or send screenshots if necessary.

Regardless, I now know how to make the spell work for me and my PCs. Thank you very much for your help.
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