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This is a classic "chicken-and-egg" problem. The remainder links, by definition, need to be the last thing calculated so that they accurately reflect what is "left over". Yet you want to base other options on these things that must be processed last. There is simply no way to do this with a remainder link.

Since exclusion groups are not calculated until AFTER all links (and Option scripts) are fully processed, there is no way this can be accomplished using a exclusion groups. In addition, you can NOT *RELIABLY* chain to other options from a remainder link, so please don't try that technique. It will be a recipe for inconsistent results and frustration, because you'll be trying to get AB to something for which the behavior is essentially "undefined".

That leaves a private unit stat as the most viable method for solving this problem. You would need to increment the private unit stat in the same way that you are currently incrementing the exclusion usage. You can then have your "bolter only" links utilize a Live tagexpr based on the current state of the private unit stat and the model count.

I realize this is a hassle, but that's the unfortunate reality of using the remainder for the bolters. In the early days of AB3 (i.e. before it was ever released), I warned the 40K data file authors about this limitation, but they were all so accustomed to doing it with remainder links from the AB2 days that they stuck with what they were familiar with. We even had to enhance what could be accomplished with remainder links from the original plan in order to allow the 40K team to keep using the remainder technique. Unfortunately, the fundamental nature of remainder links having to be last precludes any chance of us being able to enhance remainder links further to accomplish what you want. :-(

If this is only for Space Marines, then the nuisance factor of the duplicate approach might be tolerable. I wish there was a better solution, but that's all I can think of.


At 03:09 PM 7/13/2006, you wrote:

Basically I was looking for a way to assign a tag to a unit if it was carrying a particular class of weapon (in this case the Bolter). The problem is, that the weapon is often the default weapon for Space Marines to carry, so it is frequently assigned to the remainder of the weapon exclusion group.

I wanted to use this tag to enable/disable a few ammunition options that may only be used with the Bolter type weapons.

Any ideas?
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