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I'm sure you'll love this answer: mostly yes. :-)

Remainder links are calculated AFTER all other LINKS have been processed. The reason for that is simple: the remainder is calculated based on the exclusion usages of all other links, so those usages must be calculated first. If you have a link with a priority of 50 and a remainder link with a priority of 7, the remainder link will be processed AFTER the other link with a normally earlier priority.

HOWEVER, remainder links are calculated BEFORE any other normal "last" scripts are evaluated, such as PostLinks and EntityDone scripts. This is a critical detail that can cause problems if you aren't expecting it.

There are a few articles in the "How To" and "Tips & Tricks" chapters of the docs covering the nuances of remainder links, as well as some important details in the "Data File" chapter where remainders are actually defined.

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are exclusion remainter links calculated after all other options have been processed?
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