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Originally Posted by ShadowChemosh View Post
The thread may not have been as toxic and hostile as many gaming sites have had. No one directly threatened to kill Rob or his family but it still served no useful purpose.
Shadow, with NOTHING but the upmost respect, I disagree... IF and only IF someone, anyone, on either side, can glean a viable solution through communication to not have the issue to begin with... I think the origin of the thread is a symptom of a larger problem, a lack of communication. Not at meeting targets, but as to what got us here in the first place. Certainly all add to that by their own perspectives of "other late items", but as again a symptom of the core problem they all have in common. Communication or as in this case a lack of. Whether that is response timing to fixing a problem (where this thread started), to here is where we are and what we have in front of us for obstacles and solutions.. good communication is KEY.

Originally Posted by ShadowChemosh View Post
Plenty of sites exist for this purpose already like Facebook or Twitter..
True, but even less likely to resolve the core problem on the countless sites that would be. What better place than where one would hope to get those answers... AGAIN only if their is communication. And as you so rightly hint, to rant that produces nothing will fix nothing, but a vent unresolved.

Originally Posted by ShadowChemosh View Post
I am not even free of adding to the problem myself. I have had to face the truth that a few things I posted where not really helpful but just empty complaints. Its something I plan to correct
Ditto, hence why I have slowed my responses almost to nil, other than informative or information seeking, and most of those have been on the HL side. A promise I made to Liz before her departure. But I admit, as a left brained-engineer type its hard to left things unfixed.

Originally Posted by ShadowChemosh View Post
and maybe its not a bad idea for everyone to take a moment to reflect on what they write BEFORE they hit the "submit" key. Its really easy on forums/internet to forget that another human with feelings is reading what you wrote. Not an empty emotionless company.
WELL PUT... by someone that certainly has "forum cred" (new phrase I learned today)

And certainly brings another thought to the surface... ID no problem without also presenting a solution....
For me, surely as a company LWD has an action Items list (or a variant of).
Doesn't have to be code jargon, or extended narrative. Bullets would certainly suffice that there is a movement to a goal, obstacles found, or identified or resolved and communicate that to those that support your efforts. We (well I hope all) are vested in the success of RW and LWD that within itself makes us passionate.. @ LWD Let us help you help us...

BUT AGAIN as Shadow reminds us, there are people on the other end too.

Andwith my 600th Post, I hope it is well spent...

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