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I just want to point that my original post (now deleted) was not only a complaint about the lack of communication and the loooooonnnnnnnggggggg time it has taken for CM. My primary complaint was the lack of customer service response I was getting to fix my sync failure. When CM was used as the excuse for the slow service it pushed my already sensitive buttons. I honestly feel like I only get the attention of LWD when I either send them a frustrated email or make it public on the boards. Obviously I have more issues that most of you. Probably because my groups plays lots of different games and that means I have lots of realms. If each each realm had one issue a year I would be dealing with 12 or 13 issues. Of course, I should not have to deal with so many issues and if I do I want to get them fixed. If an MS Word document became corrupted every few months through no fault of my own I would be mad and I would be using google sheets. Am I expecting too much from LWD? I have thought about that a lot, and I don't think I am. At this point I will not be buying cloud service and I will not be buying HLO. I no longer trust LWD to deliver a quality product or to deal with problems that come up. This may change. I hope it changes. For now, I will use the realms I have, but will not invest more time in them. I will not buy anything that cost more than a few bucks from the CM if it ever does launch. Tomorrow will make three weeks since I first submitted a help ticket for my sync failure. I have only gotten reply when I email them asking for an update. All the replys have been short and basically said "keep waiting". Several people have said I should move on, and I am quickly coming to the same conclusion.
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