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The number of ranks bought is not the problem (I'm not changing the cross-class or class skill maximum ranks structure). They difficulty is in how many skill points each class spends on cross-class skills. So, in the previous example, Speak Language is a cross-class skill for a Wizard, and it remains so, it just cost 1 skill point to gain 1 rank in it. Now when I change levels to Fighter, the Fighter also has Speak Language as a cross-class skill, but he should be purchasing the skill points to ranks at a 2 to 1 buy. But because Wizard has code that applies across the hero, the Fighter can buy it at 1 to 1, which I don't want to happen. So I'd have to limit the access to the code across the hero. What you proposed though, still has a solution within it, I just have to think through how to implement it, if its possible at all even. I'll have to look at which class is currently using its skill points (I think it is kUsed0 through kUsed6 or something like that).

Of course, I'm working from memory here, as I don't have HL in front of me.

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