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I have a piece of code in my classes, that give maximum ranks equal to that of a cross-class skill at the cost of class skills. I copied it mainly from the Guerrilla Scout class in the custom files. However, this code works for the hero, regardless of the class, while I would like it to work specifically in the class it is in. Any suggestions on how to modify this?

~ General skills from cross-class, set out number of ranks
~ equal to our number of points spent.
foreach pick in hero from BaseSkill where "thingid.kListen|thingid.kSpeakLang|thingid.kS pot"
each.field[kUserRanks].value = each.field[kUserPts].value

Each pick in hero isn't working here, is there a way to iterate just through the class itself, such as each pick in a class?
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