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More important than the defenses' names mentioned above is that they are not being calculated correctly. At least not in my case. The dodges are fine, but the parries are not. My character has a Reaction of 10 and a Close Combat Group of 3. Parries should be Reaction + Weapon Skill, so a 13, yet they are coming out as 11. I don't know if it is only counting the skills in the group as a 1 or it is using Agility instead of Reaction as my character has an Agilily of 8.

As a side note, it would be nice if the dodge calculation grabbed all mods to the dodge skill and not just the skill points. I created Move by Wire and all the increases work, including the bonus to Dodge skill. However it is not using it when calculating Defense. Probably something you don't want to deal with until you work on the Augmentation rulebook, but I thought I would mention it.

Edit: I just realized that Enhanced Articulation is in the core rules, so bonuses to dodge not being picked up is a current bug.

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