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NOTE: Release times have been changed to 11:15am each day (from 9am) now that we've been given the times of official games. This coincides with the break between games ending at 11am and starting at 12noon.

Please be aware that we are planning three separate releases for the week of May 26th thru May 29th. Each of these releases are scheduled for 11:15am Pacific and is expected to take only 5 minutes to complete.
  • May 26th @ 11:15am Pacific - Deploy some necessary pieces in advance of the Bestiary 2 release for Pathfinder 2e
  • May 27th @ 11:15am Pacific - Official release of Bestiary 2 for Pathfinder 2e, which will include roughly 2/3 of the monsters from the book
  • May 29th @ 11:15am Pacific - More monsters for Bestiary 2 and any critical fixes uncovered with the initial release on Wednesday
Our primary focus has been on the lower-level monsters first. Higher-level monsters will be added in the following week or two, depending on how long it takes us to finish them up and test them all.

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