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Originally Posted by Qkzap View Post
I am down right mad at the way the direction of Lone Wolf is going. I have been buying material for years now and have tried to spread the word about the system. This is going to stop. I refuse to use the pay to play type systems. Charging for the material, THEN....THEN....THEN have the audacity to charge to continue using the martial that I bought. Oh, it's just a little bit here and a little there. All I can say is they better make it available to original platform.

I will not make big threats. No, I will just stop my support and stop buying products. The game store I visit will know my feelings and the gaming conventions I go to as well.

I know I am only one, but there is bound to be more with the same feelings as I.
$25 a year is dirt cheap. It's to keep there servers running. If you can't afford it then you probably should find a different hobby that isn't as expensive.
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