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Hi there!

I began to use RW also from player side to track my notes. It works better than writing everything into a book. So far I like it.

But PDF export gets more important for me due to this decision. Anyway, I'm straying away from my original question to you:

I read some forum posts and found some facts in the PDF-manuals on the titled positions / relationships already. However I'm still thinking on how I should add them:

Currently I'll have following topic containment structure:
+ region
+ location
+ individual
+ titled position

PROs: Individual name and position title always separated, Position visible immediately
CONs: The hierarchy within the various positions is not clear, Adding several individuals within the navagation tree, might become unwieldly?

I thought about some other options:

Creating a 2nd structure for the "political" structure of the regions, that includes the titles. From there I create relationships to the indidiuals.

+ region (political)
+ position

PROs: the hierarchy tree view becomes sorted
CONSs: I no longer see at a glance, which rank each individual holds, Using different containments, makes it impossible to see the relationships between position topic and individual topic.

Currently Iam thinking about a mix of both ideas above, by including the political structure within the regional structure

Finally, the question: How do you do it, or do you have any good idea for me what structure to use?

Merry Xmas

Also noticed, that the relationship view does not really help a lot (the way I'm trying to use it). There are too many arrows leading back and forth between the positions and individuals to the various positions, and when using "containment" + "overlay" it is hard to see, which position has a higher / lower rank. Actually it should be possible to specify which side of the relation ship is the "master" or "minion" then, the view could be improved.

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