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Originally Posted by Phrll View Post
You might be able to add Archetypes and Talents as Skills in the editor with eval scripts to add everything they give the character. It's a kludgey way to do it and it might look odd on the character sheet but it might work. I'm doing something similar for Dr Who using Kairos' data set.

If you can find a way to add an Ability to a character, that would probably work better. I haven't done much with the 7th Ed. CoC in HLC yet.

If you're brave enough to get into the Authoring Kit, you might be able to add a new tab for them but that's some pretty heavy coding outside of the editor.

No idea how to handle the 2x normal HP.
The HP adjustment is the easy one. Make a permanent adjustment in the Personal tab. For the Pulp Talents, I've been listing them in the Character Notes until I work out the Tab system.
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