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>From the news page on Lone Wolf's website:

"31st March 2004

After a lengthy vetting process, Wizards of the Coast has officially
approved Card Vault for use with its card games. Wizards will be providing
spoiler data directly to Lone Wolf Development in advance of its new
releases, enabling data files for their games to be released on the
established street date in the future. Spoiler data for recent releases
began arriving this week, including data for the brand new MLB Showdown
2004. Wizards' official approval enables us to maximize support for Wizards'
games and ensure timely release of data files for their products in the

I think something may be going a little awry....


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> Any time estimate for when Betrayers data file will be available?

<deafening silence, with crickets>

Is anyone even working on this??


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