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Just copy the dossier.user and the sheet_extended1.user and sheet_extended2.user files from your main data/savage directory over to your other game settings. Although I'm not exactly sure why you would bother with copying out whole new game systems for different settings. As long as you make good use of the "Source" setting you should be able to keep it all under the main Savage Worlds game system and take up a lot less disk space, too. The .hl file is a packaged install file, kind of like a .zip file, it contains the files you need but until it's unpacked Hero Lab won't know what to do with it.

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Data files authored (please let me know if you see any issues with any of these if you have/use them):
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50 Fathoms, Deadlands: Hell On Earth, Deadlands: Noir, East Texas University, Necessary Evil (requires Super Powers Companion), Pirates of the Spanish Main, Space 1889 (original file by Erich), Tour of Darkness, Weird War II, Weird Wars: Rome
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Evernight (LWD has completed their review but I have some fixes to make first)

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