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So wanted to point out that cheifweasel has created a bunch of HL Video Tutorials to help out the community. These are available for free to view on YouTube.

Four new videos where just uploaded tonight and I wanted to let everyone know about them.

1) The first one is Managing User Files. This tries to go over starting the editor, creating a new .user file, naming convention, and saving of a .user file. Good place to start.

2) The second video is Creating a Cloak. The example takes a cloak of resistance (bonus to saves) and tries to make it into a Cloak of Protection (bonus to AC). I cover the difference of using New (Blank) and New (Copy) in the editor and a good naming standard for Unique IDs to use.

3) The third video is Eval Scripts and Fields part one. This begins the lessons on eval scripts which is the more advanced part of the HL editor. I also begin to show where to find useful information about the different Things and fields in the HL.

4) The fourth video is Eval Scripts and Fields part two. This finishes up the lessons of writing a new eval script that is capable of adding a +1 dodge bonus to AC.

Hopefully the community finds these useful.

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