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Originally Posted by Tiberius View Post
I used the 3.2 about everyday. When I saw the update, I did it and since then noting work except if I load the ''Minimal Game''. Event the ''Exemple Game'' dosen't work. I've try to re-install, nothing works. Army Builder loads well until I choose a game system and then it tell me...

ArmyBuilder.exe has encountered an error and needs to close.
It appears that there's a problem running Army Builder 3.3 as a user with an unusual login name, i.e. a login name with characters that have accents or aren't in the ascii character set, like your windows username has.

I believe the problem is that when Army Builder tries to create a folder under "My Documents" for you, Windows tells it to make an unhelpful folder like:

c:\documents and settings\??????????\Army Builder

Making folders with lots of question marks in their names is not allowed, so problems ensue and eventually everything just falls over.

We're working on a permanent solution for this problem now. However, happily there is a simple fix for this issue that you can use until we find one. Here's what you'll need to do:

1) Make a folder somewhere (I recommend on your C drive) called "ArmyBuilder". For example, "c:\ArmyBuilder". You can make this folder anywhere, but it CAN'T be under My Documents or on your Desktop.

2) Right-click the Army Builder shortcut, choose "Properties", and add the following to the end of the "Target" field:


Use the name of the folder you created, if it was different from that. For example, when I do this, my complete Target field is:

"C:\Program Files\Army Builder\ArmyBuilder.exe" -userroot="c:\ArmyBuilder"

3) Double-click the shortcut to run Army Builder.

AB should now work fine, and will expect to find saved rosters and so on in the new "c:\ArmyBuilder" folder you created. You can move your saved roster files there and access them as normal.

Hope this helps!
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