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Hey Thor,

You might be pleased to hear this but of the options you listed, we actually already have a long term plan to have something like the Option-A which you listed implemented in a manner VERY close to what you're describing! There isn't any type of ETA we can discuss regarding when we have conversions and migration availible for our Classic Users so they can access things through Hero Lab Online but I did want to stop by to mention this is already one of our planned goals for the service.

Regarding the iPad App updates, tweaks, and changes: There currently is something of a block in place by Apple on us issuing updates to that platform due to how we sell Hero Lab Classic, specifically the sales are never channeled through their App Store which is something of a newer enforced requirement for products they support there. We have been trying to appeal for the ability to continue operating the License as we have in previous years and continuing to update the App but we've not have any meaningful progress on that front thus far. Before we could even consider devoting work on updates for the iPad at this point we need concrete assurances that we are able to actually deliver those Updates to the users, otherwise we would be wasting our precious development time and squandering our staff resources.

I hope this helps address your concerns, I know that being told to wait is usually not the best response one would hope to get but I wanted to poke my head up to say we have these things very much in mind already.
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