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Let me see if I can clear up any confusion.

As many of you are already aware, a great many Hero Lab Users were violating our Terms of Service by lending out there licenses to people outside of their households/states/countries. Our licenses were always meant to be one account per user. Multiple licenses were intended to allow you to log in to your account via multiple devices since our license numbers at that time were each tied to one specific device and there was no ability to log out of one and into another. This caused frustration for those who owned a computer and an iPad or some other combination of devices they wanted to build characters with and led to the birth of multiple licenses.

Our tech skills have come a long way since the original introduction of Hero Lab more than a decade ago and we put them to use to eliminate the confusing process of people frequently needing to reauthorize their licenses for new devices and other hiccups that naturally occur in day to day device use. Our Hero Lab Classic support staff spends a good part of each day sorting out these issues with license reassignments for the many consumers who don't fully understand the system and have locked themselves out of it. The new system streamlines the process and allows you to use your account on any device you like so long as you are logged in to only one place at a time and thus solves the issue of needing multiple licenses and aid from tech support every time you want to use a new device.

For those of you who want to use the same account simultaneously with a group of individuals (such as family members or your game group), we are working on a way to provide a group license that meets the approval of our partners so groups can share in character creation and play via one master account.

For those of you who just want to share character creation and printing, you can do that now from any device, so long as only one person is using the account at a time and you're comfortable allowing them access to your login information.

Hero Lab Online is a different creature than Hero Lab Classic, so titles of features change as we evolve into a better system. Ultimately, I believe what you are looking for is the group license and we are shooting for late spring early summer for the launch of both group licenses and online player-GM interaction.

I hope that helps!

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