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Version 1.33 has just been released

1. It is now possible to mark a section as starting in the "collapsed" state.

2. You can specify a particular CSV column to be used as the name of a section within a topic.
2.1 Select "..." and set a column for the "First Section" box (leave the other two section boxes blank).

3. You can specify a range of CSV columns to be used to create multiple sections within a section.
3.1. Select "..." and set a column for the First, Second, and optionally the Third section box.
3.1.1. The First section defines the CSV column containing the title of the first section.
3.1.2. The Second section defines the CSV column containing the title of the second section.
3.1.3. The Final section (defaults to last column) defines the CSV column containing the title of the last section.
3.2. The snippets within the section should be set to use CSV columns between First and Second column.
3.3 For the second and subsequent sections, the same "offset" will be used for reading the text from the correct column of the CSV table.

Note that the first time that the CSV cell for the "section header" is empty, then the creation of those sections stops immediately (it doesn't continue up to the "final section" column).

Multiple Column Example

CSV columns: room1, description1, occupants1, room2, description2, occupants2, room3, description3, occupants3, room4, desc4, occ4, room5, desc5, occ5

Configure the relevant section in the tool as:
First Section = room1
Second section = room2
Last section = room5 (or leave empty)

In the snippets inside the section, use description1 and occupants1 (the tool works out the offset from column 'room1' to column 'description1' and applies that offset when populating for 'room2', 'room3' ,etc.)

When the RWexport file is generated, the first section will use description1 and occupants1, the second section will use description2 and occupants2, and so on, up to the last section that will use desc5 and occ5


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