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All right, then; a Zip archive of our last files (October 18, 2020) is here.

We didn't expect any more "official" updates, and we were doing these for ourselves not expecting our work to be used outside our own group; that means that rather than doing things in discrete files to be added to the downloaded system files like we would for Pathfinder or Savage Worlds we actually edited our copy of the game files. Because of that, you have to copy our files over the initial ones.

Here's the procedure:
1) Download the Zip archive.
2) Open the Hero Lab 4e Game System Data Folder. The default location Windows is C:\ProgramData\Hero Lab\data\4e but in any case you can get to it from within the Hero Lab for 4e menu at Tools > Explore Folders > Game System Data Folders
3) With Hero Lab closed, unzip the archive to the Game System Data Folder, overwriting any duplicate files.
4) Now when you open Hero Lab 4e, you should be using our files.

Do be warned that while we have fixed bugs, added functionality, and put in a little more content, we know that there's lots more to potentially do.

EDIT: I updated these files with our latest fixes for anyone who comes across this post.

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