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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
If you make it an entity, you cannot use an advancement to add picks within that gizmo, because the displacement used by advancements can only be to the hero, not to a different container.
Coming back to this, I reread the section on displacement and how it can allow a pick on a gizmo to be accessible on the main hero. This sounds very much like something I would like to have.

Looking at the code for advancements, it looks like defining the displacement might be as simple as <autotag group="Helper" tag="Displace"/>. I'm guessing something else picks that up.

The wiki mentions a displace element, but I have not located code for that yet. ^_^ But that's leading me down a rabbit hole of wiki entries, so hopefully something will come up there.

In a semi-related side-note, as mentioned above, I'm also trying to figure out a way to implement a choice of Specialization, which would require a way to add an option among various picks. I'm thinking that this might wind up kind of like Advances with a construct for "SpecPick" or something like that that gets attached to the player, and gets locked down after character creation.
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