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Originally Posted by Toblakai View Post
Lols, the last time I had wifi go down, my power went out, which if I was playing a game would have wasted the game night too. Do you lose wifi that often? Maybe you have a faulty router?

So, once a year I rent a cabin in the boonies for a group of 12 of us to game, guess what? They have wifi there too... Middle of frikkin nowhere and there is wifi.

So honestly answer this:

How often do you game where there is no wifi?
How often does your wifi go out?

If the answer to both of those questions is an unacceptably high number for you, then hero lab online is not the platform for you.

My original point was that what works is software that doesn't require a constant connection to function, ie. Hero Lab. As long as it continues to be supported I'll be happy. HLO, while sounding nice, is to me just another boondoggle.

FYI, not all Cellphone ISPs provide equal QOS everywhere. Not all hotel WiFI is terribly reliable... or free. Some people game at hobby stores, it is to be hoped that they graciously provide WiFi.

Most of my devices save my phone are WiFi only, I can't fall back on a cell carrier if the WiFi connection to the internet is interrupted or unavailable.

This summer I was in fact at a con. Used HL in my hotel. HL was also used in a convention hall, AFAIK there was no WiFi and, deep in the building cell service was spotty or non-existant. That would have been impossible to know unless I'd been there before. And the purpose of HL/HLO is to obviate the need for paper, is it not?

Fortunately, I've got it now - most of it. And the hope that Wolflair will continue to support their original product.

I'm just attempting to observe a faulty paradigm. Also I'd like to point out that WiFi and Broadband Internet are seperate things. You can have one function without the other.
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