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If you want to get more involved in the community, you might want to check out the github repository.

The tickets that are being worked on are located here. You can also search for closed issues here or check the wiki for what is on the next release schedule.

The wiki contains a lot of useful information on how to get started. Including this article about project conventions (like setting your ID to 5C).

In order to download/upload and work on the github, you'll need to be slightly familiar with how to create a branch on the existing repository (versus forking the whole thing up ) and how to merge and create pull requests for yourself. There are plenty of how-to githubs out there.

So, after creating a github account, knowing all that, you'll want to PM daplunk and let him know you want to join into editing, and start using your skills and promise him that you'll never mess up the repository, etc. If you want someone more experienced to look at things you're working on, use the help wanted tags on your issue and just be patient.

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