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@Jay_Nola, you get a 404 because I don't provide (or link) to a 32 bit version. It's 2017 so I've made the decision to only support x64 bit OS's and Java 1.8. Supporting Windows/Mac/Linux is headache enough.

If you need to run on something that doesn't match the above, you have to go old skool and install Java for your platform and you can run these jar's manually.

@Happydevil43, I'll need more info to assist. Possibly the PDF (I assume you've tried multiple PDF's?) Are you getting a progress bar and it hangs? Or finishes with no results? What happens when you click the PDF icon/folder in "Resource Library"?

@Everyone else, glad to help! I'm currently working on a update to provide a much better "install" interface as well as a brand new TokenTool rewritten in JavaFX.

Today's hint: If you are using this for PDF with grids baked into the maps, right click on the map and select "Auto Resize" to help resize the map so it matches the MapTool grid!


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