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Inputthinggroups were actually only added around a year ago:

      helptext="Details about conflicts this quality has with other qualities or augmentations">
      name="Removed by Cyber/Bio?"
      helptext="If this ability will be lost if a specific portion of the character is replaced by augmentations, choose the augmentation types here.  For example, many vision-related abilities are lost if the character replaces their eyes.">
      <it_taglist group="AugExclude" tag="?"/>
      name="Mutually Exclusive Options"
      helptext="If this ability is one of a group (or many groups) of abilities where you may not select more than one of the avaialble options, choose those groups here.  For example, there are many skin-based metagenetic qualities that cannot be chosen together.  Another example is that you are only allowed to follow a single code of conduct.">
      <it_taglist group="MutualExcl" tag="?"/>
And to use that:
      <it_groupref id="Conflicts"/>
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