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This has been of great help. Thanks!

I finally got HL to be able to create 4e encounters - yay!

I know I can enter in each monster from the 4e books, but I do not want to reinvent the wheel.

Does anyone have, or know of, a 4e Monster Manual(s) portfolio (.por) or stock (.stock) file(s) with the monster details already entered? Even if not completed, at least it would be a start.

At this point, I am adding the monsters that my players encounter. It is slow progress, but I am sure others must have made up their 4e monsters, and now either have them stored away, because they have moved on to 5e, or are still using them for encounter building.

I am also using Real Works (RW) and linking in my D&D4e game to HL portfolios. Is there another way (easy/hard) to get data from RW into HL?

Any ideas would be welcome, other than switching to 5e (I play that too).

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