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Have not, as of yet, had any luck with this, although my Powershell (and coding on the whole) experience is pretty limited... so there's probably a reasonable explanation for it.

On the occasions I've tried it (using the GUI script), the script tends to balk early on (Line 207, right after Mandatory), where I assume that my source file might be incorrect. I've been trying to put everything in the same folder (script, export (compact export) file, css and use the same folder for export of the HTML or DOC) for ease of making sure I've got everything... in my case, C:\Users\Mark\Desktop\Folder. I basically copy and paste direct from Explorer. Should I be trying it as a relative folder instead?

The GUI script locks if I try to click on the buttons to locate, like I would most Windows GUIs, so I've made do by copying and pasting into the entry forms, instead. Attached is a screenshot of my GUI and the powershell reply. First time is running the script standard, second is bypassing entry validation.

Hate to ask, because I'm obviously no coding whiz, but any ideas what I might be doing wrong, just at a look?
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