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Originally Posted by gamsOnline View Post
However, with the release of the CM this Fall,
I wouldn't place a bet with a single penny on that or any other date/time frame that is posted here from anyone INCLUDING the LW staff. I've been disappointed to often now that I do only believe something will get available to us once it is actually available and not a single second earlier.

I had high hopes for the GenCon that there would be some kind of presentation of actually NEW things, like what Content would be available at the first Wave that was mentioned in the GenCon Newsletter but as it turns out: Not a single bit of new information since April just the ever repeating "We are progressing".

Yeah I read the Releasenotes of the latest RW version that claim that it does contain significant changes for the upcoming CM. I'll tell you something: I don't care, I'm a kickstarter backer and from the features that where supposed to be done from the kickstarter only a very few are actually achieved with a delay of 3 YEARS.

Originally Posted by Kickstarter
What We Will Do With Your Support

As we indicated above, initial Realm Works development is nearly complete, with release slated for July, 2013. This Kickstarter will allow us to accelerate our current development efforts and pack more features into the product for its public release.

The key capabilities to benefit most from this Kickstarter are the cloud server and community repository components. Critical features of these two components include:
  • Full player access to revealed aspects of the world and the ability to download or review anything they’ve learned about the world. Our Fog of World technology governs the information that players can access, limiting them to only what they’ve learned through play. [DONE]
  • GMs can share their creations through the cloud for use by others. [Later than SOON]
  • GMs can browse the work of others and integrate it into their own worlds. Imagine being able to find a pre-made encounter, or a tavern, or an entire region with adventures and NPCs. Drop it into your own world, change a few names, hook it into locations in your world, and it’s fully integrated for use. No scribbled notes. No Post-Its. No juggling between PDFs, books, and your own files. Realm Works is built from the ground up for exactly this purpose.[SOON + Later than SOON]
  • Secure cloud backup of all material for GMs. [DONE]
  • Synchronization of different computers to the cloud, with automatic change detection and resolution.[Partly]
We’ll also leverage your support to further refine the overall user experience and enhance the feature set offered by Realm Works.[Ongoing]
Player Access is done and is being improved with Web Access and potential other things. It is available for a bit longer than 1 1/2 year now.

The "automatic change detection and resolution" isn't anywhere as you can't change different things on different PC's at the same time because you will lose every change you make at one PC. Yes It detects a problem and all it does let you "resolve" is that you can choose to either have the Cloud or the Local Data be the master. That's not automatic that's manual and calling it a solution is quite far-fetched.

And as for Customer Calendars: It was mentioned as an already working feature during Kickstarter. Yes it turned out to be not as flexible and useful as it was expected to be, BUT within 3 years after the supposed release it's something that should be working again(!).

Countent Market is called as SOON so often I lost track.
Sure I can use RW to enter my own content or copy/organize published content from PDF to RW, but to be honest almost everything I could do now I could already do with the special pre-release version I got before the initial release. The only benefit would be that the players could use the Player Edition to access the Revealed content, yet no one from my group does. That last part is obviously not the fault of LW, but if it is just used by me the benefit is not as high as only having to buy already made content and tailor it a bit to fit my needs and run it.

Unfortunately I don't have the time to do that in every detail that I would like because I do also have a job and something else to do. So I'm more than willing to pay for others to do that for me, but even after three years I still can't.

Unfortunately there are no GenCon Videos for this year so far, if there ever will be.
So for a person that could not understand the only source so far is this board and reading that "NOTHING NEW" was presented I think that this is a bad sign. Well, I read it that instead of Rise of the Runelords the presentation on RW on the GenCon was done with the Emerald Spire Paizo Module? That's not even getting a "Cool" from me as presenting the same functionality that has been presented with RotRL for the last two years on GenCon with a different Module is not progress.
I could be totally wrong but as said before the only source I have available is this board and the statement here was "NOTHING NEW".
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