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Originally Posted by Quintain View Post
I wasn't finished with the changes. Is there any way for me to commit my changes and have you apply them to the newer set?

I opened up the classes - user file and was able to copy/paste my additions to another file, so It looks like I can preserve them and commit them to the next batch.
So I am really confused. Do you have GitHub setup in the same place you download and install the Packs? You should have a two additional Game Folders setup for containing the 3PP GitHub and Basic GitHub packs.

So if you didn't push your changes to the server then you need to do a PULL to get the latest files and let GitHub merge in the latest changes into your files. (Make a backup copy before just to be safe). Then if any conflicts you will have to go into the .user file with notepad or something and fix them. If no conflicts then you will be able to commit/push the changes up to GitHub. You should never EVER be doing only a "Commit" you need to be doing "Pulls" and "Commit/Pushes".

If you ONLY did a commit then when you push you will be rolling back the files on GitHub like what happened last time.

You shouldn't have any issues or care that I Released a new version.

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