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Pathfinder Pack
The "Pathfinder Pack" is one place to get all the community work. Gone are the individual Packs you use to have to download.

Here are some highlights this Pack contains
  • Classes, feats, and magic items from third party publisher companies (ie Dreamscared Press, Rogue Genius Games & many others). This includes such books as "Ultimate Psionics" and "Paths of War".
  • Hundreds of useful adjustments to allow your group to easily implement hourerules or other changes.
  • PFS Adjustments and boons!
  • Monsters, encounters, magic items, and feats which are useful for running Adventure Paths or Modules. Including monsters and abilities for running Mythic AP’s like Wrath of the Righteous or some monsters from the Emerald Spire Super Dungeon. Plus contains a simple Mythic template that can make an creature mythic in seconds.
  • Unchained features to classes, domains, feats, and other areas of Pathfinder in the same vein as Unchained.
  • Pathfinder Modern contains rules, classes, feats, and changes for playing Pathfinder in modern or Sci-Fi game setting.
Installation Instructions
See THIS post for full details.

Previous Release Notes
See GitHub site for full details.

v1.19 September 10, 2018

Bug Fixes
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Fixed issue with higher level characters and Psicrystals. Some skills where being marked as invalid for having more ranks than Hit Dice.
  • ShadowChemosh Equipment (ShadowChemosh) - Fixed issue with the single magic Arrow as specific item properties like Ghost Touch where not calculating cost correctly. Cost should always be correct now even if buying a single masterwork arrow. For details on how to make use of this item see POST.

v1.18 September 8, 2018

Bug Fixes
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Re-did the Wilder base class and all its class abilities. Fixed all the Surge types and added the missing ones from the Ultimate Psionics book. Changed the Natural Healing power to correctly set the Augmented and Mythic text into the component fields.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Re-did the Dread base class. All abilities are now 100% scripted and added in the missing Terrors that are in the latest PDF.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) Fixed #140 - Ring of Self-Sufficiency was granting its bonus when NOT equipped instead of when equipped.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) Fixed #139 - Vitalist Life Leech was not calculating its Drain Health ability incorrectly.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) Fixed #125 - The 'Armored Blade' Soulknife archetype was not getting the correct slower enhancement bonus progression.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) Finished #123 - Implemented the soulknife blade skill "Additional Configuration". This blade skill now lets you select a different minblade and setup different enhancements to the weapon. Then a simple selection of "Swap Config" on the In-Play tab lets you swap between the different configurations.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Expanded Knowledge feat text made more clear that a power must be added on the class tab and that the feat does not do this automatically.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Fix Psicrystal system error message.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Change the way that the Psicrystal ranks are displayed to make it more user friendly.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Added in the missing free 4 ranks in Perception and Stealth.
  • Frumple Age Category Dragons (ShadowChemosh) -Fixed errors being tossed for some dragons that had age specific limitations on "Change Shape".
  • Mummy's Mask (ShadowChemosh) - Fixed misspelled feat name "Clensing Burst" to be "Cleansing Burst". In Addition fixed the pre-req to check for all three valid cases not just channel energy.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Updated Traceur archetype for the Psychic Warrior.
New Features
  • AP50 Night of Frozen Shadows (Proffitt) - Dynamic version of Suishen in Night of Frozen Shadows. Updates weapon abilities, spells, etc based on counter of number of Oni killed.
  • Golden Glyph Publishing (ShadowChemosh) - Finished adding the complete PDF for the "Lagos" race.
  • Adjustments (ShadowChemosh) - Added new adjustment "Class, Pre-Req Valid" that lets you suppress the validation errors for a class or PrC.
  • Adjustments (ShadowChemosh) - Added new adjustment "Class Ability, Remove Activation" that lets you hide the activation option on the In-Play tab.
  • Adjustments (ShadowChemosh) - Added new adjustment "Ability Score (Perm), Type". This adjustment lets you add a typed bonus to ability scores but treats it as a permament change to the character. This means a increase to Intelligence will provide extra languages and skill points.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Added new Power Adjustments: Bite of the Wolf & Claws of the Beast.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Added power adjustment "Physical Acceleration".
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Added power adjustment "Form of Doom".
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Fully implemented the Dread class and all archetypes. Enhanced and scripted all abilities.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Added the Mindwright archetype for the Psion base class.
Data File Authoring
  • Created load mods for all the old deprecated psicrystal archetypes and racial abilities. Moved the wilder base classes and abilities into its own class specific user file.
  • Data File Authoring (ShadowChemosh) - Moved the wilder base classes and abilities into its own class specific user file.
  • All damage reduction abilities now use the exact same setup, procedures, and text wording.
  • Broke Dread out to its own .user file.
  • Created new procedure for terrors adding to the Devastating Touch class ability.
  • Added new abCategory.PUTerror which was added to all the terror custom abilities.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Removed IP names from Powers.
  • Ultimate Psionics (ShadowChemosh) - Moved all dread Things form the Classes.user file to its own Dread Class user file. Deprecated some unused/unneeded class abilities.
  • Removed old Tome of Horrors deprecated races.
  • Updated the CB - Dragons, Metallic.stock file and prepared it for distribution.
  • Removed Basic Pack deprecated Things.
  • Removed old 3PP Pack deprecated things.
  • Removed old GM Pack deprecated things file.

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