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So .1st files are a little more advanced because you have to deal with RAW XML no editor. Though you can easily use notepad to open a .1st file and view and all the community packages have and use .1st files.

I would recommend using something better than notepad actually. Use textpad or notepadd++. Both work great and if you tell it that .1st files are XML file it will even color code for you.

Here is a simple example of a .1st file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<document signature="Hero Lab Structure">

8/15/2014 - Tim Shadow
-New .1st example.


<!-- ============================================== -->
<!-- SOURCES                                        -->
<!-- ============================================== -->

  <!-- Shadow d20 Pathfinder PARENT that can not be selected -->
    name="Shadow d20 Pathfinder v1.61"
    description=" - Shadow d20 wiki house rules for Pathfinder.">

  <!-- Shadow d20 Pathfinder CHILD that can be selected -->
    name="Shadow d20 Campaign Rules"
    description="Shadow d20 Pathfinder campaign by Tim Shadow.">
The above is a simple example of my house rules .1st file. Any section that starts with <!-- and ends with --> is a XML comment is not processed.

The important parts:
id= Is the 10 digit unique character that identifies your source.
selectable= Tells HL if you want the source to be selectable or not. A parent should be set to no.
parent = Tells HL which source id to place this new source ID under. You parent source should go under 'UserParent' and then your child source goes under your new parent source.

If you copy/paste the above into a text file and change the .txt to .1st it will work. You will need to "CTRL-R" at least to get HL to see any changes you make to a .1st file.

Here is what it will look like in HL:

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