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Gumbytie March 7th, 2016 09:28 AM

SciFi Companion Issue
More an annoyance, at least nothing crashes :)

To see the behaviour:

Inside the Configure Character box:
  1. Check Science Fiction Companion
  2. Check Show Cyberware
  3. Check Show Robots
  4. Check Medieval (players still wanted access to big swords)
  5. Uncheck Black Powder
  6. Uncheck Modern (this one is actually the key to problem)
  7. Uncheck Futuristic (just wanted stuff from SciFi Comp)
  8. Now click okay to make a character.

Go over to the Armory Tab.
  1. Click on Special Weapons
  2. Close Special Weapons pop up
  3. I get this error:


Hmm, is there a trick to get a DropBox image to show up? If you right-click and open in new window can see. But that is a pain, sorry.


After some testing, the offending item seems to be 'unchecking' Modern. If that remains Checked, I get no error. However, the point being, we don't want to use anything from the Modern setting, just the SciFi Companion, less clutter that way.

Looks like a few items are calling something from Modern? Any ideas?

SeeleyOne March 7th, 2016 11:08 AM

It is because you already have it in memory. Sometimes Hero Lab does not do well when you turn things on and off. My recommendation is to make a "Default Character" with all of the settings that you want in the Configure Hero already checked. Then close Hero Lab, open it again with that being loaded.

Alternately, go to Configure Hero and uncheck Modern. Then click on "Set Defaults". This way it will not load up with that naughty Modern being used. This is not a bad idea actually, then when you want a setting that has it, use a "Default Character for Setting X" as I mentioned above for your modern setting.

The issue is that the data is being allowed and disallowed in the memory space of Hero Lab. It is imperfect in how it updates, my guess is that it is a timing issue. But anyway, it is not a game breaker, you just have to plan ahead for it. If you preset the Configure Hero by campaign setting, especially if you open Hero Lab by double clicking on a character that uses it, you will avoid the above issues.

SeeleyOne March 7th, 2016 11:09 AM

I make a "default character X" for every single campaign that I play in or run. It helps to ensure that all of the people making their characters have all of the various check boxes set correctly.

Gumbytie March 7th, 2016 01:01 PM

Mr. SeeleyOne,

Thanks for the feedback, that is good to know. As for a "default character"...that is a bloody great idea, I never thought of that, thanks for idea :)

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