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Andrew_C December 22nd, 2006 02:59 AM

Miniature collector

I'm new to thes tools so I'm sorry if this isn't the correct forum. I was wondering if Armybuilder would suit my requirements.
I'm a roleplayer/collector with a large collection of miniatures from many differnt manufacturers over many years. I was wondering if there was any software that I could use to track my collection. I'd like to track right down to the individual figure, but also know if it came from a boxed set, or one of 3 in a blisterpack etc. Also if it is / was recast by another manufacturer.

Spack December 26th, 2006 03:14 AM

Long ago when AB v3 came out there was a note in the answers regarding v3 that it would get Inventory Management at some point - it's the last entry on this page: http://www.wolflair.com/rightframe.p...sked_questions

I'm not sure if Card Vault would be able to manage this, but it would require someone to create sets of files for each manufacturer listing every figure created and linking them to boxes, blisters, etc - not a simple task.

I haven't come across anything like this, but if you do find something that handles it I'd appreciate it if you could reply to this thread so that others who are looking for something like this, including myself, have somewhere to look - I could do with a simple way of keeping track of the masses figures I have, at the moment I've been using Excel spreadsheets but it's not a great solution and is a pain to keep up to date.

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