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PetriWessman January 30th, 2015 07:46 AM

Enhancement to game session tracking: editable notes
Something I'm missing from The Keep, which I used earlier: the ability to jot down notes during a session (as a GM) in a game session tracking log. At the moment, I need to use a manually created User Note for this. The session tracking utility provides little help for this; while it does provide a "notes" textbox when you start a game session, this is cumbersome to navigate to and from during a session (and it does not support links and other formatting).

What I'd like to see:


a) Allow easy access to and editing of the "notes" field (in game session tracking info) during or after a game session. Ideally, with support for links and formatting. At the moment it's cumbersome to navigate to the game session text box field from the normal "Home" view, and the text box does not seem to allow links / formatting.


b) Have the option of a User Note (or some other Topic) being automatically created when a game session is started, with an automatic title containing the session date, in a way what the note is clearly linked to the specific game session entry. Maybe a checkbox when creating a new game session record, "Create linked GM note?" or some such?


c) Simply add the ability to link Notes/Topics to a specific game session entry. This way at least there would be a way to jump between the session entry and the related GM note. This would also open up lots of new functionality, so you could link a specific NPC to the game sessions he/she was most prominent in, for example.

Reasons for this request:

- Need for GM to jot down general notes about a game session during that game session is a common one.

- RW already supports the concept of game session tracking, so it is natural to want information like this to be linked to a specific session "formally". This would greatly expand the usefulness of the game session tracking feature, beyond a "what was revealed and when" tracker.

- as-is, the "notes" text box in the game session data entry is not as useful as it could be (hard to navigate between it and the normal views, does not supports links and formatting).

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