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KiwiBlaze December 15th, 2018 02:08 PM

Stopping Elements may not work
Is there a way to stop Realm Works displaying the warning about font choice or font symbols Full Error

Over the past few days (yes plural) I have found a number of symbols that I can use to represent images that would otherwise be impossible to display as text and still be readable and condensed for a little joke - Code2002 anyone?

From looking at glyphs and fonts that support them, I have discovered Quivira to be a font that has all three current symbols, and with a bit of hope, this font may also have other symbols when I find them that can replace the need of images in a snippet block.

However, with every single edit, Realm Works, warns me, that these elements, have been, detected. And that, websites using them, may not work, as intended.

And its getting annoying!

The symbols I have identified are
  • '⤢' - Northeast and Southwest Arrow (U+2922)
  • '-' - Fullwidth Hyphen-minus (U+FF0D)
  • '+' - Fullwidth Plus Sign (U+FF0B)

These characters make reading and typing easier than having to look at the text for a longer period of time.

No one wants to read text then have to focus for a moment or two to decipher -----. So its much more easier to have a symbol that is designed for such purposes. That is where fullwidth symbols come in handy. Seeing +++++ becomes easier to understand in a block of text, and you can tell that a northwest to southwest symbol ⤢ is different from a forward slash /.

kbs666 December 15th, 2018 04:19 PM

Pretty sure that's an error from the html render engine which underlies the UI controls. IOW it may be out of LWD's hands.

Parody December 15th, 2018 05:34 PM

The answer is no, you can't turn off that warning. Write it up as a bug report if you want it changed.

It might help if you showed us an example of what you're trying to do, though. We could come up with an alternative.

KiwiBlaze December 15th, 2018 07:02 PM

Game System uses different dice
My desire to match the source document as much as possible is what drives this process. Primarily the game system uses different coloured dice, represents results of those dice using icons and terminology, and calls special results differently than simply a number.


The image isnt very good because its inline copy, but they are:
Green Circle with +
Red Circle with -
Blue Circle with ⤢
Star Trek Badge Icon
And this isn't including the dice with different colours.

Using the source one example would be several D5s with the sixth-side replaced by a square of colour. Currently represent this in Realm Works as "4 Red Dice".

However while typing my reply, this could further be changed to the full block glyph or half block, and that would better match the source document. Something like this "▄▀▄▀▄" would perfectly match the source, but would still generate an error.

The other symbols can also be represented by coloured glphys. Including the Star Trek badge symbol and the pointed arrow "⤢⤡⤢".

Silveras December 16th, 2018 05:08 PM

So the issue that occurs to me is one of Player access (and the same applies to adding our own icons): just because YOU can see the text as you intended, that doesn't mean YOUR PLAYERS will. Fonts have to be installed on the Players' machines in order for them to appear to the players. RealmWorks will identify what you used, but the players' machines will substitute the next best match that is available on that machine when displaying your content.

So if this is all just for your own use in GM Notes, that's probably fine... but if you're intending the same to be displayed in the Players' copies, that probably won't work.

As I said, the same applies to "user-created icons" ... the icon selection is one from the palette of installed icons.. if there are user-installed icons, there is no guarantee that the PLAYERS in stalled the same icons in the same order (so as to have the same ID).

Fonts and Icons are intellectual property. RealmWorks cannot distribute them to your players for you, as that would be piracy. If you purchased the requisite license for a font or icon.. that only applies to your own use, and does not include the rights to give them to others.

In the end, the warning is trying to tell you that by using such fonts and symbols, you may be creating something that none of your players can expect to see properly.

KiwiBlaze December 16th, 2018 07:17 PM

You make it sound like you need an engineers degree to even understand how to instal a font, or that it takes DAYS to download it and install it. Windows makes that process three clicks and your done, cant be any easier that that. Open - Install - Close.

But as someone said, I'll consider it a bug. See if they agree and can toggle something, there's no reason I need to be reminded every seven minutes.

Fonts and Icons are intellectual property..... Let the copyright holders go after those that break their copyrights, users who wanna do that are going to do that, and wouldn't buy Realm Works either - actually I wonder if that is out there... interesting question.

kbs666 December 17th, 2018 12:22 AM

I think you'll find that your players will not be quite so eager when you start telling them to dl and install stuff just to look at your realm.

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