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Jay_NOLA March 12th, 2019 02:13 PM

Requirment Coding Helpfor Edge & Weird Errors
I was entering in an Edge and it had a requirement that I'm not sure how to code or indicate for it. The Requirements for it was Novice, and that the character was born in a particular city. A few other Edges in have similar requirements with just the city being changed. How would you code or indicate that as a requirement without causing the character to generate an error (red text alert.)

The other thing I had happen was that Hero Lab would not display all of the text for an entry for a faction and for an Edge. Does Hero Lab have a limit to how much text it will accept and display?

zarlor March 12th, 2019 05:06 PM

That's just a textual reference. I would just list that in the description maybe putting the first line as something like "NOTE: The Edge requires the character is born in the city of blah blah".

As for the other part, there are some things that are text limited, but usually it limits the text you can place in that thing. Normally if it cuts things off it's usually because of limitations in, say, the printed sheet. Not so sure about it being that way in the program, though, I guess I've never noticed before so I'm just not really sure.

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