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Crimsonshark March 25th, 2013 07:11 AM

Army Builder Dystopian Wars

I just noticed that when building a Covenant of Antarctica list that when you try to add different variants to the Fresnel it does not list the points or stats.

i.e. you select the Fresnel, choose the variant...say MK I, then add 2 MK II, the MK II's do not add the point cost of each ship, so as it stands, the 3 cruisers show as 80 points.

If however you do it by attaching 2 MK II Fresnel Cruisers to the MK I then you get the error saying can only have one group of Fresnel per 720 points, but at least you now have the stats and points reflected on the list 240 (+ extras) instead of 80.

Wolfmamma August 2nd, 2013 06:12 PM

I have also noticed that there is a new downloadable allies PDF available on the Spartan Games website. In it it list the 2 main factions, and the Neutral faction.

The grand Coalition is for the British Empire and FSA based Alliance group of countries. The Imperial Bond is for the Prussian Empire and the Empire of the Blazing Suns based Alliance group of countries. While the Neutral Alliance is for the Covenant of Antarctica and the Commonwealth of Free Australia Alliance.

I would love an update for this as well, so I can ally my CoA force with my CoFA forces, and also ally my RoF (French) forces with my OE (Ottomans) forces.

I only have 3 Fresnels at this stage, so I run them in a squadron, or attach them individually to my Large or Massive Capitol class ships. I had not noticed the error, so thanks for picking it up.

mozza362000 January 27th, 2016 06:10 PM

a new month and more Dreadnoughts have been released.
Army Builder now has the Windsor and Madame Liberte, as well as the Svarog Dreadnought robot, enjoy.
Please if you find any issues with the Data file that i am updating drop me a line at brad_w_morris@hotmail.com and i will fix these issues promptly.

mozza362000 February 26th, 2016 03:04 PM

So it is currently Saturday Morning here in sunning Australia and its time for another update to the Army Builder Data Files for Dystopian Wars.
In this release we have updates to the Chinese Federation, Ottoman Empire and my favorite the Black Wolf Mercenaries.

Feel free to download and check it out. If you find any mistakes or corrections needed please feel free to message me here.

PS Update to Legions Data File for Army builder, all MAR's and Orders have been loaded into the system now for the units. Going to start of with the four starting factions before going forth into the French, Black Wolf or Antarcticans.


mozza362000 March 8th, 2016 08:08 PM

After a few late nights and early (and i mean early) mornings i ave managed to update the Army Builder Files.
Updates have been made to Polish, Denmark and the Italians.
I have also followed up on a persons comments and have swapped to Dropbox. Hope this will work. I have tried it and it is working.
I ask if anyone is able to have a look at it and confirm that it works for them to.

mozza362000 June 1st, 2016 06:10 PM

More updates to Dystopian wars with Dominion of Canada, Indian Raj and Operational Assets been added to the Datafiles.

mozza362000 January 9th, 2017 02:18 AM

And Welcome to the New Year.

I have updated the Army Builder Dystopian Wars Data files with the New Modular Battleships for Empire of the Blazing Sun, Federated States of America, Kingdom of Brittania and Prussian Empire. Please Report any issues with this Datafile via this forum site or the Army Builder Support page.

Next update to occur in mid March with release of the Kickstarter models as well as possible the rest of the Modular Battleships for the other core nations.

mozza362000 October 5th, 2017 11:45 PM

Last Army Builder for Dystopian Wars under the Spartan Games Banner.

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