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chiefweasel September 14th, 2009 01:13 PM

Extra Magic/Power Levels
It seems when you add these to a character you can only dlete 1 instance of it. For example, the class i am testing adds 5 levels of Paladin spell casting ability. But when I try to delete the class levels so that i am under the requireemnt, it only allows me to delete 1 level of the paladin spell casting level. the remaining 4 have no option to delete them.

Mathias September 14th, 2009 01:18 PM

I just tried creating a Wizard 5/Cleric 5/Eldritch Knight 5/Mystic Theurge 5, and all the extra magic levels can be deleted. Please give me more information about what's happening? Why would there be a need to delete them (unless you had added more than you intended to)? If you get to that point and then add or delete levels of your prestige class, what happens?

chiefweasel September 14th, 2009 01:36 PM

This would be that i added more then i needed. also when i delete levels of the prestige class they dont go away, once all level of the prestige class are gone then the spell levels all go away.

i tried to create your example but was not able to duplicate it, for the eldritch knight it requires Proficency in all matial weapons. I have added the classes anyways to see what happpens.

I see where the small x is next to the +1 Magic Level. When I create a prestige class that isnt there. theres no small x to delete the +1 Magic Level.

Is there an option to leave this off or to add it?

Mathias September 14th, 2009 02:01 PM

Please send me the class (don't forget the class panel, too). There may be an error in the display for custom classes that doesn't exist in the official classes (although I just tried it with one of the Pathfinder prestige classes - which were added in the editor, and the problem doesn't exist there).

My example was just thrown together with no regard for the error messages, just to test the piece I needed to test.

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