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chiefweasel June 4th, 2010 07:56 AM

User File Creation Tracking
Hey all, I had an idea the other day. Well I had several but only one really fits in here. I see that many folks are creating their own content for Hero Lab, which is great. This is a huge jump from last year when it seemed like lawful_g and myself were the only ones pushing out files. So huzzah to all of you.

Now with that in mind, my idea is to help organize who is doing what. Right now everyone is working in the dark from any projects that anyone else is working on. So letís simplify all that and focus the community to the benefit of everyone. To that end I purpose a tracking mechanism for the HL community. I will create a listing of all the books for D&D 3.5 and 4.0 as well as Pathfinder. I will then create a listing of sub topics for each book/publication and provide a way for people to choose what they would like to work on. For instance, the D&D 3.5 Complete Arcane. I will set up tasks for:

Magic items
Prestige Classes
Combine them all to one data set

I will post this listing on my web site with a link from the Hero Lab User Repository located at www.cheeseweasel.net. The listing will look something like:

Publication Who Start Date Completed
Complete Arcane (D&D 3.5)
Skills Cheifweasel 6/1/2010
Spells Lawful_g 5/22/2010
Magic items Shadow 6/1/2010
Prestige Classes
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Combine them all to one data set

Any slots that are left open are available for anyone to take and complete. Just let me know at chiefweasel@cheeseweasel.net and I will put you down. Now we do ask that if you canít work on the project, please donít take it. We would like to complete the tasks assigned and make the content available to everyone. So while you may have good intention, please donít bite off more than you can chew. One of my hopes in this is that by breaking all the larger projects down, we can better coordinate working being done and break out the workload to several people.

Over the next week, I will be creating the listing for each publication. I'll post the file location and web page in a few days as well. I am bound to miss something along the way though, so just let me know and Iíll add it all in. I will also put all the information into an excel spreadsheet that I will make available to anyone who wants as well. I'll do the D&D 3.5 stuff first. If anyone else have listings or would like the format to create the listings for me, that would be great. Thanks, I welcome your comments.

ShadowChemosh June 4th, 2010 02:12 PM

Hey chiefweasel,

I think this would be a great idea actually and should help with some of the overlap I have seen in the Pathfinder area. I will try and get a list of books for the Pathfinder stuff put together and sent to you. The only issue here is that Paizo is coming out with at least 1 to 2 new books a month. So don't know if you could list every single one, but maybe a bunch and if someone has a new one they are working on then create a new listing.


Originally Posted by chiefweasel (Post 39455)
Magic items
Prestige Classes
Combine them all to one data set

At least for Pathfinder I would suggest adding Traits, Equipment and Monsters. I have seen allot people working on Monsters, but so far not sharing them. :(

It also maybe an idea to allow someone to take a section for only Data Entry as they maybe willing to help, but can't actually script. I know it would save me time if all I had to do for a PFRPG book was do the scripting and not actually plugging in basic information for each Thing.

Feel free to mark me down currently as working on the Armor section of the "Adventurer's Armory" for PFRPG. :)

Lawful_g June 5th, 2010 01:38 AM

Alright, so here I will give an entire accounting of what I have done for 3.5.

Completed Stuff
Arms and Equipment Guide - Armor Weapons and Gear
Arms and Equipment Guide - Clothing
Age of Mortals - War Wizard Prestige class
Complete Adventurer - Feats
Complete Adventurer - Dread Pirate PrC
Complete Adventurer - Master of Many Forms PrC
Complete Adventurer - Ninja
Complete Adventurer - Scout
Complete Adventurer - Spellthief
Complete Adventurer - Weapons and Equipment

Complete Arcane - Alienist PrC
Complete Arcane - Master Transmogrifist PrC
Complete Arcane - Mindbender PrC
Complete Arcane - Pseudonatural Template
Complete Arcane Compile (includes Warmage, Wu Jen, Warlock and spells but feats need work)

Complete Champion Compile (includes everything)

Complete Divine - Feats

Complete Mage - Feats
Complete Mage - Unseen Seer PrC

Complete Scoundrel - Feats
Complete Scoundrel - Skill Tricks

Complete Warrior - Bow Initiate PrC (Originally done by someone else, revised by me)
Complete Warrior - Cavalier PrC
Complete Warrior - Exotic Weapon Master PrC
Complete Warrior - Feats
Complete Warrior - Gnome Giant Slayer PrC
Complete Warrior - Justiciar PrC
Complete Warrior - Master Thrower PrC
Complete Warrior - No Spells Ranger Varient
Complete Warrior - Spellsword PrC
Complete Warrior - Swashbuckler
Complete Warrior - Warshaper PrC
Complete Warrior - Weapons

Dragonlance Beastiary revised - Elemental Minions (all elements)

Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Death Knight Template
Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Feats
Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Inquisitor PrC
Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Legendary Tactician PrC
Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Magic Items
Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Noble
Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Righteous Zealot PrC
Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Spells
Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Tarmak Warpaint

Dragons of Krynn - Feats
Dragons of Krynn - Spells

Dragon Magazine Compendium - Feats

Frostburn - Domains
Frostburn - Feats
Frostburn - Frost Mage PrC
Frostburn - Spells
Frostburn - Weapons

Fiendish Codex II - Hellreaver PrC

Heroes of Battle - Dread Commando PrC
Heroes of Battle - Feats
Heroes of Battle - War Weaver PrC

Holy Order of the Stars - Healing Hand of Mishakal PrC

Knightly Orders of Ansalon - Armiger Varient
Knightly Orders of Ansalon - Feats
Knightly Orders of Ansalon - Knight of the Crown PrC
Knightly Orders of Ansalon - Knight of the Sword PrC
Knightly Orders of Ansalon - Knight of the Rose PrC

Legend of the Twins - Academic Priest Varient
Legend of the Twins - Feats
Legend of the Twins - Mariner
Legend of the Twins - Weapons

Magic Item Compendium - Clothing A-Z
Magic Item Compendium - Tools A-Z

Monster Manual - Aboleth
Monster Manual - Beholder & Gauth
Monster Manual - Dragon (Black)
Monster Manual - Wight
Monster Manual II - Half Golem (Clay) Template
Monster Manual II - Myconids
Monster Manual V - Carnage Demon
Monster Manual V - Demonthorn Mandrake
Monster Manual V - Gadacro
Monster Manual V - Kuo-tua, Crazed
Monster Manual V - Skull Lord, Serpentir
Monster Manual V - Verdant Reaver

Player's Handbook - Haste Condition
Player's Handbook - Spells A-Z
Player's Handbook II - Beguiler
Player's Handbook II - Duskblade
Player's Handbook II - Feats
Player's Handbook II - Spells

Races of Stone - Armor
Races of Stone - Races
Races of Stone - Spells
Races of Stone - Weapons

Races of the Wild - Feats (Originally done by someone else, revised by me)
Races of the Wild - Gear (Originally done by someone else, revised by me)
Races of the Wild - Item Powers (Originally done by someone else, revised by me)
Races of the Wild - Magic Items (Originally done by someone else, revised by me)
Races of the Wild - Materials (Originally done by someone else, revised by me)
Races of the Wild - Races (Originally done by someone else, revised by me)
Races of the Wild - Spells (Originally done by someone else, revised by me)
Races of the Wild - Stormtalon PrC (Originally done by someone else, revised by me)
Races of the Wild - Weapons (Originally done by someone else, revised by me)

Spell Compendium - Spells A-Z
Spell Compendium - Spellthief Spells

Sandstorm - Armor
Sandstorm - Weapons

Stormwrack - Armor
Stormwrack - Feats
Stormwrack - Scarlet Corsair PrC
Stormwrack - Weapons

Towers of High Sorcery - Spells
Towers of High Sorcery - Winternorn PrC
Towers of High Sorcery - Wizard of High Sorcery PrC

Unearthed Arcana - Elf Paragon
Unearthed Arcana - Drow Paragon
Unearthed Arcana - Human Paragon

Underdark - Chitine race

War of the Lance - Feats
War of the Lance - Master
War of the Lance - Spells

Lawful_g June 5th, 2010 02:06 AM

Uncompleted things (either still working, set aside for now, or need to check something/reformat)

Armor and Equipment Guide - Materials

Book of Exalted Deeds - Feats
Book of Exalted Deeds - Fist of Raziel PrC
Book of Exalted Deeds - Sword of Righteousness PrC

Complete Arcane Compile - Feats need work

Complete Scoundrel - Fortune's Friend PrC
Complete Scoundrel - Spellwarp Sniper PrC

Complete Warrior - Halfling Outrider PrC (Originally done by someone else, planning to revise)
Complete Warrior - Occult Slayer PrC
Complete Warrior - Reaping Mauler PrC

Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Dragon Rider PrC
Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Mystic
Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Skeletal Warrior Template
Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Spectral Minion Template

Dragons of Krynn - Races

Dragon Magazine Compendium - Force Missile Mage PrC

Frostburn - Races (Only Uldra)

Libris Mortis - Feats

Lords of Madness - Feats

Magic Item Compendium - Weapon Crystals (only a few)
Magic Item Compendium - Weapon Powers (only a few)

Monster Manual - Creature Types (adding as necessary)
Monster Manual - Salamander
Monster Manual - Succubus
Monster Manual - Creature Subtypes (Mostly added by someone else, I added aquatic & water only)

Players Handbook II - Dragon Shaman
Players Handbook II - Knight

Races of Ansalon - Feats
Races of Ansalon - Races
Races of Ansalon - Weapons

Races of Stone - Feats (A few added by somebody else, mostly by me, waiting on 1 feat)

Races of the Wild - Luckstealer PrC (Done by somebody else, I intend to revise)
Races of the Wild - Ruathar PrC (Done by somebody else, I intend to revise)
Races of the Wild - Whisperknife PrC (Done by somebody else, I intend to revise)
Races of the Wild - Wildrunner PrC (Done by somebody else, I intend to revise)

Spell Compendium - Domains
Spell Compendium - Planar Domains

Stormwrack - Races (Elf, Aquatic & 1/2 Elf, Aquatic only)

Towers of High Sorcery - Magic Items

War of the Lance - Tinker PrC

Lawful_g June 5th, 2010 02:35 AM

Currently working on the Lords of Madness Feats, which is why I added Aboleth and Beholder (because several feats require a race)

ShadowChemosh June 5th, 2010 07:19 AM

Yep thats a good idea to put down everything I have finished and or working on.

Completed Pathfinder Books
  • Wayfinder #1 - Everything
  • Adventures Armory - Weapons only
  • Cheliax Empire Of Devils - Everything
  • Dwarves Of Golarion - Everything
  • Elves Of Golarion - Everything
  • Taldor Echoes Of Glory - Everything except the Lion Blade PrC.

Completed Misc Pathfinder things
  • Arquebusiers Class from KQ13
  • Rakshasa Sorcerer Bloodline from KQ website
  • Spell-less ranger from KQ11
  • Eberron - Changeling and Shifter races including all the shifter feats.
  • Dervish Dance feat from the Pathfinder Companion Qadira.
  • Touch and Ranged Touch Attack weapons
  • Shield Bash weapons and working scripts for the new PFRPG Shield bash feats and magic item powers.

Working On
  • Adventurer's Armory - Armor
  • Adventurer's Armory - Feats & Traits
  • Adventurer's Armory - Adventurer Gear
  • Adventurer's Armory - Alchemy Items

chiefweasel June 5th, 2010 06:48 PM

Sounds good. If you guys could compile the information into single files for each book, that would be great. I'll still list what was done so everyone can see it. So just send what you have completed along, thanks.

Lawful_g June 6th, 2010 01:58 PM

Sorry, I am not willing to compile them because having them separate allows me to keep track of how complete they are as well as when I last modified/updated them (as I sometimes find errors in things I thought were complete). This is critical for me to keep accurate backups.

I will send them to you though. You can compile them together if you like.

Lawful_g June 7th, 2010 05:00 AM

BoED - Fist of Raziel PrC
BoED - Sword of Righteousness PrC

Lords of Madness - Feats
Lords of Madness - Beholder Mage PrC

MM - Aboleth Race
MM - Beholder Race

chiefweasel June 7th, 2010 07:16 AM

I should have the listing up on the Cheeseweasel.net website ina few days. So far i have created listings for about 740 items. about 75 of them are complete.

I am also going to change up the web pages that are out there now and combine the information into the listing I am currently creating. The big task now is swapping over all the file names and notes form the old format to the new format. Lots of cutting and pasting.

I am also thinking of creating a massive file that has all the files collected so far for each game system. then folks can just download that and take what they want from it. The only issue there is that it will change a lot so if people download iot a second time, it might get tough to pull out what they want. Just a thought I am mulling.

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